Birthday Treats

May 8, 2010

Narcisssm fuels many blogs, and while I refrain from self-absorbed posting here on So Fraiche, So Clean, humor me while I detail my birthday from a culinary point of view.

First, I ordered a cake from Lyndell’s bakery. Golden cake with chocolate frosting. The chocolate frosting was deliciously fudgy, but the cake itself could’ve been a little more moist. They did a good job decorating it (lavender—my favorite!); however, I haven’t found anything on their menu that I enjoy as much as those “half-moon” cookies.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae: Hot Fudge Sundae with Cookie Dough topping

Another birthday treat: JP Licks Ice Cream Sundae! And the best part? It was FO’ FREE! (Chicken Sandwich and Waffle fries not included) By joining their frequent shopper program, you earn a free ice cream sundae in the month of your birthday. Pretty nifty, yeah? Just ask for one of the JP Licks Cards. It’s absolutely free, so you have nothing to lose.

Homemade French Chocolate Macaron

I also went to Burdicks in Harvard Square to get my macaron fix. Burdicks sells a variety of flavors—from chocolate to pistachio to lavender—but they’re a dollar each. It was tasty, but like most baked goods, it’s cheaper and more rewarding to make it at home.

Turning twenty is kind of boring. Nothing exciting happens; If anything, the twentieth birthday is mildly saddening. No longer a teenager, I am forced to reckon with that nagging feeling that I should be doing something bigger and better. I’ve traded in the vestiges of my teenaged years (awkwardness, acne, and obligatory high school slow dances) for mortgages and marriage and stuff. But you know what? The birthday cake makes every birthday just a little more bearable…