P1230170About the author:

Chris is your average nineteen-year-old kid. His interests include running, acting, watching movies, hanging out with friends, writing, taking photos, , and — gasp! — cooking. He is currently attending Tufts University in Medford, MA where he is majoring in Spanish and Economics.

As a wee lad, he would make cookies, although half the time the dough never reached the oven. Since then, he has grown slightly, making more sophisticated — yet equally scrumptious — desserts. Occasionally he’ll even make an entree!

About the blog: Chris will be flogging (food blogging) in order to chronicle his attempts to cook in a college dormroom/kitchen. You can expect recipes (shamelessly adapted from other, more qualified foodies) and assessments of various eateries in the Boston area.

3 Responses to About

  1. Honkeytonk says:


  2. SEO says:

    Loved the latest posts! I like the pictures, great job! Keep on floging.

    P.S. how about you make that yummy mango salsa

  3. Kate Martin says:

    Do you even know how cool this is? Gourmet baking is my life! And college style? Crunk-tastic.

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