Growing In College

Since early September, I’ve been growing right here in my dormitory. I know it’s risky. I know I could’ve just bought whatever I needed. But I just had to do it. There’s nothing more satisfying. I decided against Hydroponics, instead choosing the simple pot and soil technique. And just so we’re all on the same page, I’m talking about my Basil plant. If you got here through some google search, well… sorry to disappoint.

I picked up Count Chocula (yes, that’s his name) at Shaw’s my first week at school. He’s very fragile and he has to be watered every other day. This past weekend he accompanied me on my Thanksgiving trip to Cape Cod, since no one was going to be here at Tufts to water and sing to him. Having never taken on the responsibility of a child or a pet dog, I’ve taken the Count’s life quite seriously. I’ve trimmed him twice, once because he got a little unwieldy, and once because I needed something to improve an improvised scallops dish (really easy—sauté some scallops in a little oil with cumin, kosher salt, pepper, and then a splash of half and half and the basil).

Unfortunately, I think it’s time to sacrifice the Count to the culinary gods. My goal is to make some delicious pesto this (or possibly next) weekend. I’ve got the pine-nuts; all I need is some parmesan cheese and a solid recipe. I’ll keep you all posted.

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  1. […] of the equation, snow becomes a bit of a nuisance. So with nothing else to do, I decided to harvest Count Chocula, my basil plant, and make some pesto. With all the traveling I do over break, it just wasn’t feasible to take him […]

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