Brown Butter Ice Cream

Toscanini is easily one of the brightest spots in Central Square. Tosci’s easily tops my list for best ice cream here in Boston. Their ice cream is all made in house, and their flavors are so deliciously inventive. B3 consists of browned butter, brown sugar, and brownies. When I ordered it for the first time back in September, it was love at first taste. Whenever I go, I feel guilty for ignoring the rest of the offerings, but as soon as a creamy spoonful of B3 hits my mouth, those regrets melt away. The subtle saltiness and distinct flavor is truly amazing.
I decided I would try to remake this flavor here at Tufts with my humble ice cream maker. I did some research online, and came across a couple of recipes that looked all right. After a few minor alterations, I prepared it.
I’m knee deep in work and play rehearsals (tech was this weekend), but those preoccupations were smothered by the smell of melted butter. After about five minutes of olfactory heaven, I had a half-cup of beurre noisette. For those of you who need a quick primer on how to brown butter, here’s a helpful tutorial.
As for sugar, I went half light brown and half, but I’ll cut back on the sugar a little bit next time. Other than that, this was super delicious. But there’s no substitute for the real thing…

Brown Butter Ice Cream


1 stick of salted butter, browned

2 cups cream

1 cup skim milk (go for whole if you’re so inclined, but I tried to lighten this up just a tad)

6 yolks

1/3 cup white sugar

1/3 cup light brown sugar

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Using an electric mixer, whip egg yolks and sugars until mixture gets light in color and fluffy

Gradually add browned butter to the yolks

Scald the cream and milk (until it’s moderately bubbling)

Temper yolks by gradually adding scalded cream to the yolk base, whisking all the while

Reheat mixture in a double boiler (making sure to run spatula along the bottom to keep everything in motion) until mixture thickens (you’ll know its done when it coats the back of a spoon and doesn’t run down when you run your finger along it.)

Quick chill by placing top of double boiler in bowl of ice, stirring constantly

Add vanilla extract

Churn in ice cream maker.

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