Julia Child Costume

Halloween costumes can be pretty funny, but often they are woefully predictable. Most girls spend Halloween coming up with ways to dress like a playboy centerfold. Their outfits leave little to the imagination and put plenty of emphasis on their… assets. On the other side, guys try to draw attention to their manliness, often wearing costumes that show off their musculature.

I decided to go against the grain and be none other than Julia Child. It proved to be a truly winning costume–I nabbed the grand prize (a wii!) at AEPi’s costume contest. Like any good recipe, the costume required some key ingredients, a couple of tools, and some serious diligence.

Julia Child

Julia Child Costume
Yield: About 1 costume


*1 conservative skirt (Yes, it’s Halloween, but Mdme. Child was no slut)

*A long sleeve polo with wide-spread collar (conversely, you could get a dress if nothing seems to work)

*1 Apron (you’re gonna need to put your cell phone somewhere)

*1 Lipstick (I used covergirl’s Pink Chic, but to each his/her own)

*1 set of heels (You’re gonna need that height to pull off her 6’2 figure)

*1 wig (short, brown, curly)

*Pearl earrings and a pearl necklace necklace (I found clip-ons)

*A turkey baster or some other easily identifiable cooking tool

*That distinct voice (deep yet femininely sing-songy)

*A circular “L’Ecole des Trois Gourmandes” badge/pin

I also made one batch of those pumpkin cookies I wrote about last time and brought them with me. No, it wasn’t boeuf bourguignon, but that’s not quite as appealing to inebriated frat brothers and coeds. At first people were hesitant to take a cookie, especially when they heard that I had actually baked them. Nobody seemed to trust my baking abilities! Well, once word got around that I had actually made pretty decent, roofie-less cookies, they were snatched up mighty quick.

Yes, half the people thought I was Mrs. Doubtfire and a handful were certain I has dressed up as Mrs. Featherbottom, but those that got it seemed to like it.

3 Responses to Julia Child Costume

  1. Debbie Zacarian says:

    Bravo on the Wii win. Well deserved!

  2. Emily says:

    This is great! Wondering where you bought the Trois Gourmandes badge (don’t see it in the photo, but assume you found one?). I am going to be Julia Child for Halloween this year and need to find one.


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